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iTromboni & others

You name it, we enjoy it!  iTromboni specializes in guest appearances and joint projects with soloists, choirs, orchestras, and bands. 


Joint concerts usually consist of a 15 - 20 minute guest slot within each concert half plus joint items with the host ensemble.


Throughout iTromboni's history we've had some memorable collaborations, here are a few of them.  Take a look and have a listen. 

En forêt with Martin Hackleman - Bozza
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Martin Hackleman is one of the finest horn players in the world and it was an honor to record with him and the other members of the All Star Brass.

While playing at a festival in Mt. Tremblant, Québec, we were fortunate to work with Angèle Dubeau’s La Pietà as well as the fiery Lewis Furey.  It's a spicy track!

Hustler's Tango - Lewis Furey
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Sancta Maria - iTromboni & VCS
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We've had the great pleasure of working with the wonderful voices of the Vancouver Contata Singers on a number of occasions.  This track is from our Splendor of Venice concert.

One of our more unique collaborations while recording our second album, The Bad And The Beautiful, was this track with the sensational soprano Simone Osborne and cellist Ariel Barnes.

Cantelina - Villa-Lobos
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BrassFire with Jens Lindemann

iTromboni in concert with organist Ellen Wang

Cori Spezzatti concert with Red Shift Music and the Vancouver Cantata Singers

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