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iTromboni is proud to work with publishing partner Cherry Classics Music in order to bring you our arrangements in both digital download and print formats.  All sales and distribution go through their website.

Click on the Cherry Classics logo (above) in order to access the entire iTromboni Collection on or read more about individual arragements and access each individually (see below).

Barumba is an original composition by former iTromboni Bass Trombonist Kenneth Pearce.  It was the very first original composition written for the ensemble.  It is a light hearted, playful Bossa Nova which attempts to capture a bit of the droll humour of its composer!

This 3-minute composition is scored for 4 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone and is suitable for medium-advanced performers.  Trombone 1 contains a repeated 16 bar improvised solo and Trombone 3 contains a high D!

Flight of the "Bumblebeasts" is an iTromboni signature tune based on Rimsky-Korsakov's famous interlude from The Tale of Tsar Saltan. 


Be prepared to lift off with this blindingly fast, technically challenging arrangement by Neal Bennett. Neal can also be heard as the Bumblebeast on iTromboni's first cd: "there goes the neighbourhood".


This 2-minute arrangement is scored for 4 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone and is appropriate for advanced performers.

Neal Bennett's exciting arrangement of Galliard Battaglia by Samuel Scheidt features a pair of duelling Alto Trombones, each trying to out manoeuvre the other in this spirited battle dance.


This 2-minute arrangement is scored for 2 Alto Trombones, 2 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone. It is for advanced performers. 

Jim Tranquilla's beautiful arrangement of The Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly was written as an homage to legendary trombonist Dave Robbins and was performed by iTromboni at a Memorial Concert in Dave's honour in 2005.


This arrangement is 2 1/2 minutes and is scored for 4 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone.  It is appropriate for medium-advanced performers.

Having written over five hundred choral works, Salvation is Created is perhaps Pavel Chesnokov’s most famous. Yet ironically, it was one of his very last sacred works before he was forced to secular composition by the Soviet government. Its popularity reinforces why Russian liturgical music is so extraordinary. It is laden with rich and fulfilling harmonies and yet plaintive and mysterious by nature.


Jim Tranquilla's masterful arrangement brings together a beautiful communion hymn based on Kievan chant with an homage to one of his favourite trombone solos of the entire orchestral repertoire, Rimsky-Korsakov's Russian Easter Overture.  


This 3 1/2 minute arrangement is scored for 1 Alto Trombone, 3 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone. It is for medium-advanced performers.

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