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Schools & Outreach

Bring On The Team Canada of Trombones!


Renowned for their school and outreach concerts, iTromboni has completed over 1600 educational events across Canada for students from kindergarten to post-secondary.  Their educational philosophy is based on a team-first approach to making music; combining an engaging yet relaxed performance style with educational and entertaining demonstrations of different instrumental techniques, styles, musical periods, and the physics of the instruments themselves.  From classical to contemporary, the group chooses repertoire to reflect outstanding quality, diversity, as well as educational and entertainment value.  


iTromboni is aware of the need to tailor educational programs to best suit their audience and is sensitive to the differing educational needs and abilities of younger and older students alike.  Programs are available in English and/or French, are typically 45-60 minutes in length but can be adjusted to whatever best suits your students. We have gladly incorporated students – even entire grade levels! - into the performance upon teachers’ requests.   


From pedagogy to performance, iTromboni members are at home in any educational situation and strive to find new and innovative ways of engaging audiences.  All iTromboni members are dedicated educators committed to working with students of all ages and ability. 

This was the best fine arts money spent for our students in a long time.  Thank you!”  

Lloyd Friesen - Principal, Caronport Elementary, Caronport, SK

iTromboni offers:

  • school concerts

  • band clinics

  • brass workshops

  • lecture recitals

  • masterclasses

  • private and group lessons

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